Monday, June 27, 2011

Critter Notebook: Pretty Monster

Known for having a taste for the finer things in life, the Pretticulous Epicurious will track a pretty scent for months before attacking. Noted Critterologist, Dr. Rafaello Munchapita, observed and tracked the commonly known "Pretty Monster" for decades until the spring of 1838, becoming one more victim of good fashion sense.

It is suspected that the "Pretty Monster" is attracted by pretty or fashionable items and can do little to control its urges to consume it and consequently the person wearing the item. The creature is especially drawn to attractive women and especially celebrities. In a 1823 journal, Dr. Munchapita wrote, "The P.E. seems terribly attracted to items that we as a community deem as beautiful, as is this were not enough, it is drawn to movement and falls into a trance-like state when the creature is automatically turned into a tracking and feeding machine."

Dr. Munchapita fell victim to his obession with the "Pretty Monster" one which he captured as a pup and raised clandestinely for years. Upon post-pubescent maturation, the creature attacked the good doctor, only after a particularly dashing haircut.

A sketchbook salute to the Pretticulous Epicurious and Dr. Munchapita's legacy.