Thursday, April 29, 2010

Progress Piece 01: Batman Color/Tones

So here's a little more color and an attempt to give him volume. I need to get a little more agressive with the shadows, but am still a bit nervous about jumpin' right in. I've had little "oh no, oh no, oh no!" moments but overall, it's truning out cool.

The background was fun and will hit it again tonight, to darken up the gradient and give a little texture and depth. I ran into a little funk on his face right at the smile. A verticle crease is visible due to using too much water. Grrr. I'll fix it on the digital version, but this blog is about warts and all.

The plastic cup looks nice until you get to above the liquid, I need to hit it with some white to continue the shiny plastic illusion.

Nuff said today.

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