Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pete's Dragon...One Of My Favorites!

Here's a sweet little painting of Elliot from one of my Disney favorites, Pete's Dragon!
Winsor Newton Watercolor on Strathmore Visual Journal Series Watercolor 90lbs Cold Press

Elliot is a registered character and trademarked by the Walt Disney Company


Awkward Dude I Saw While Waiting For the Bus...

A Brighter Future Awaits...

Brain Sharing

Always Wishing the Best For You. :)

We all need a small burst of honest, sincere love. There are people who are looking to just make you smile. No interest in making money from you or taking advantage. Nothing in return. Just a smile. A wish that your day is satisfying. The sun doesn't ask for anything in return, neither should I. Knowing that you're happy is payment and knowing that you'll pass that along to someone else is secondary.

Be a hidden angel. A lucky coin on the sidewalk. An open parking space. A friendly smile on a hard day.
Be nice.

You Down, Square Sucka?

Tall, Robotic and Shiny

I Feel Deserted!

Reginald the Frog

I was thinking, what if Churchill and Mr. Peanut had a frog baby? Boom. There you go! I've wondered how I would have turned out with a few variables. Octopus arms. Spiny back. Ink shooting when in danger (I won't get into details on this one) . Wonder...


Desperate Times, Do You Carrot All?

The End of a Long Long Day.

You Just Can't Hold It In Sometimes!

Left Handed Nightmare

Ancient Van Angryface III