Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthdays and Focus

Birthdays are a reflection time for me. I think of everything that happened in the past year and what I'd like to happen in the next. See, my birthday has always been like a brand new year. I'm in June, so that gives me two chances to reset, recalibrate and focus. December 31st and my birthday! I think about the people that I've surrounded myself with and if I'm okay with them or if I’m cool with my job or if I go to sleep and I’m satisfied with my average day. Most times, I am. We are the cumulative collection of our experiences and surroundings. We have the ability to change those things and either make them better or keep on the same path.
We make tiny seemingly insignificant decisions every day. Open the door for the person struggling with bags. Give a happy "Hi!" even when we feel like hell. Make someone else feel like nothing else in the world matters, because in their world nothing else does. Drop some change in the parking lot or the sidewalk so some else thinks it's their lucky day. Do something good for someone else and don't tell anyone. Those are the things that they'll remember, the things that make a little miracle in their world.

Don't be co-dependent; please don't let the world walk all over you. You're better than that. But do be cool. We touch so many lives and never realize it. Live each day like you were scratching off a lotto ticket. Scratch scratch scratch. A new friend! Scratch scratch scratch. Another story to tell! Scratch scratch scratch. Ewwww, that sucked! Not every ticket is a winner, but you’ll never win if you don’t try. Only you can truly change your world. Want to be amazing? Set that up in your life. Wish, meditate or pray for the things that you want, not the things you wish to avoid. Say "I want to meet someone who values me. Someone who gets me!" NOT "Please stop sending me A-holes!"

Life is filled with disappointments, keep moving, man. Life is dangerous, keep moving, man. Life is full of impossibilities, keep moving, man. You will be rewarded with the worst things in life if you see it that way. Look at the awful things that happen to you as ways to help others get through their bad times. Be that light that you wish you'd had. But don't take any crap. GIVE YOURSELF VALUE. Stay humble, but let your soul tell the tale. Let your actions light the way. Trust that you were born for better things and as long as there is a breath of life in you, it will get better.

Stop watching the world be filled with people doing amazing things and simply marvel. Stop saying, “Wow, they’re really lucky!” Do it. Do something that makes you smile. Hell, do things that make you laugh, but never at someone else’s expense. Stop watching greatness on TV and be great! You have a story to write in your book of life. Love yourself and do it! Be passionate about something and follow it like a dog chases a car! Find your inner baby and hug that thing that you love like hey hug that blanket. Trust in you the way that a bird trusts it’s wings to carry them higher. Stop taking bull from people or things in your life and grab that brass ring. You can do it. You may not think you can, but I believe that if one person can do it, anyone can. Be willing to fail. Get up and do it until it’s right. Don’t be afraid to look like a dork.

You are the architect of your future, your life. What makes a great person great? Tenacity and the undying will to never give up. Strive. Focus. Rise. Most of all, pull up others with you that are worthy of it. Yes, judge and scrutinize who surrounds you. Only the best should be around you. Those with the biggest heart. The sharpest wit. The biggest laugh. Don't settle. You are the mayor of yourself; choose who lives in your city and your heart. Birthdays are a time to reflect and focus. Thank you all for being part of my city. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Critter Notebook: Pretty Monster

Known for having a taste for the finer things in life, the Pretticulous Epicurious will track a pretty scent for months before attacking. Noted Critterologist, Dr. Rafaello Munchapita, observed and tracked the commonly known "Pretty Monster" for decades until the spring of 1838, becoming one more victim of good fashion sense.

It is suspected that the "Pretty Monster" is attracted by pretty or fashionable items and can do little to control its urges to consume it and consequently the person wearing the item. The creature is especially drawn to attractive women and especially celebrities. In a 1823 journal, Dr. Munchapita wrote, "The P.E. seems terribly attracted to items that we as a community deem as beautiful, as is this were not enough, it is drawn to movement and falls into a trance-like state when the creature is automatically turned into a tracking and feeding machine."

Dr. Munchapita fell victim to his obession with the "Pretty Monster" one which he captured as a pup and raised clandestinely for years. Upon post-pubescent maturation, the creature attacked the good doctor, only after a particularly dashing haircut.

A sketchbook salute to the Pretticulous Epicurious and Dr. Munchapita's legacy.